English to Malagasy Meaning of unstable - miovaova

Unstable :

olana, miovaova, somebiseby erỳ, misamboaravoara, mifindra, mikorontana, miova, mitebiteby, bibidia, voavaha, mbola miandry, tapa-kevitra, misalasala, mandalo, tsy azo antoka, faraidiny, lao, tsy hay tohaina, maditra, tsy manaiky lembenana, marefo, malemy, fanahy

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Definitions of unstable in English
Adjective(1) lacking stability or fixity or firmness(2) highly or violently reactive(3) affording no ease or reassurance(4) suffering from severe mental illness(5) disposed to psychological variability(6) subject to change; variable
Examples of unstable in English
(1) Officers said overloaded caravans were unstable and difficult to control.(2) Both emotionally stable and unstable students can benefit from a better understanding of psychology.(3) As you might be aware, Tokyo is built on some slightly unstable land, prone to all manner of natural disasters, especially earthquakes.(4) Unfortunately, there are not enough of the biggest bricks which means that the cross section of the tower is only one lego element wide at the top and very unstable .(5) When a suspect is mentally unstable , officers are trained to back off and call in a crisis intervention team.(6) However it was found to be geologically unstable and would likely blow itself to ashes in about six cycles.(7) There are, unfortunately, people in the world who are unstable , and who may descend into madness.(8) Leading up to her death, the weeks before her death, many people seemed to think she was mentally unstable .(9) A hitman is assigned to kidnap the mentally unstable younger brother of a powerful district attorney.(10) He is accusing this woman of mentally unstable demeanour when, in fact, he seems to be the most qualified for such a label.(11) Following this extended period of stability the slope, whilst still grazed grassland, suddenly became unstable .(12) The choice of operation depends on how large the protrusion is, how many nerves are involved and how stable or unstable the spine is.(13) Construction of drilled piles in unstable soil is difficult because soil can contaminate the pile.(14) Police say Bazell, who had a ticket for a domestic Delta flight, appeared mentally unstable .(15) Calm funded the project to avoid safety worries over unstable cliff faces and walking trails.(16) Conditions in the mine were so unstable that rescue workers could not enter the shaft to retrieve the bodies for almost 24 hours.
Related Phrases of unstable
(1) mentally unstable ::
ara-tsaina miovaova
(2) unstable angina ::
miovaova angina
(3) unstable situation ::
miovaova toe-javatra
(4) unstable equilibrium ::
miovaova equilibrium
1. unsteady ::
2. changeable ::
3. unbalanced ::
4. fluid ::
5. unsound ::
antoka ny zavatra resahin'ny
6. precarious ::
1. balanced ::
2. stable ::
3. steady ::
Different Forms
Word Example from TV Shows
I was going to ask Leonard to do it, but
he seemed a bit emotionally unstable...

I was going to ask Leonard to do it, but he seemed a bit emotionally UNSTABLE...

The Big Bang Theory Season 3, Episode 11

He's wildly unstable.

He's wildly UNSTABLE.

Westworld Season 2, Episode 3

-He's wildly unstable...

-He's wildly UNSTABLE...

Westworld Season 2, Episode 5

She's too unstable.

She's too UNSTABLE.

Money Heist Season 3, Episode 4

Probably, she’s under medication,\Nshe’s unstable...

Probably, she’s under medication,
she’s UNSTABLE..."

Money Heist Season 1, Episode 8

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