English to Malagasy Meaning of exhaust - setroka

Exhaust :


manotahota, setroka, haza, nisinda, hampihena tsikelikely, foana, -pelatanany, mazava, nandao, mitafy, manafoana, farany, tapitra, milaza, intsony, kodiarana, jady, fandaniam-poana, faharavana, mandany, mahafoy, lanin'ny

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Definitions of exhaust in English
Noun(1) gases ejected from an engine as waste products(2) system consisting of the parts of an engine through which burned gases or steam are discharged
Verb(1) wear out completely(2) use up (resources or materials(3) deplete(4) use up the whole supply of(5) eliminate (a substance
Examples of exhaust in English
(1) Seconds later, the squad and two larger rigs were gone in a flurry of sirens, growling engines and diesel exhaust .(2) But these discussions hardly exhaust the subject, however much they might have exhausted my readers.(3) Neither book gives the full story on Celebration, but between them they pretty much exhaust a subject that is fairly easily exhausted.(4) The generator's owner, a frail old Korean man, was warming his hands in the buzzing machine's exhaust .(5) They are designed to be triggered from a tube-like, disposable launcher and to follow the heat of a jet engine's exhaust to its source.(6) Temperatures were more than 50C - the combination of engine exhaust , direct sunlight and radiated heat from the tarmac.(7) buses spewing out black clouds of exhaust(8) an exhaust pipe(9) A number of cooling fans mounted at one end of the cooler would draw air into the chamber through filters, blow it over the surface of the product and exhaust the air at the exit end.(10) The noise of the engines was deafening as they belched thick black clouds of diesel exhaust .(11) The researchers released a tracer gas into the engine exhaust and measured concentrations of that gas inside the buses.(12) The bigger lungs on the intake side and the freer-flowing exhaust help the engine rev even faster.(13) The fan is configured to exhaust air from the top, which in theory, should work pretty well.(14) Used against helicopters and low flying fixed-wing jets, it homes in on the heat given off by the target aircraft's engine exhaust .(15) But the red and blue funnels are practical: the blue ducts take in fresh air, and the red ones exhaust used air.(16) With the holes in the floor more or less closed up all the cold draft is replaced by warm engine air and exhaust .
Related Phrases of exhaust
(1) exhaust pipe ::
setroka sodina
(2) exhaust fan ::
setroka mpankafy
(3) exhaust fumes ::
setroka setroka
(4) exhaust system ::
setroka rafitra
(5) exhaust valve ::
setroka miditra tsimoramora
(6) exhaust manifold ::
setroka be
(7) exhaust gas ::
setroka mandatsa-dranomaso
(8) exhaust gases ::
setroka gazy
(9) car exhaust ::
fiara setroka
(10) exhaust hood ::
setroka Hood
1. exhaust system ::
setroka rafitra
2. exhaust fumes ::
setroka setroka
3. tire out ::
4. use up ::
mampiasa ny
5. treat thoroughly ::
hitondra ny tsara
6. expel ::
7. eat up ::
hihinana ny
8. sap ::
9. tucker out ::
Tucker avy
1. renew ::
2. replace ::
Different Forms
exhaust, exhausted, exhaustible, exhausting, exhausts
Word Example from TV Shows
He had to get a torpedo
into an exhaust port

He had to get a torpedo into an EXHAUST port

The Big Bang Theory Season 7, Episode 12

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