English to Malagasy Meaning of bilk - bilk

Bilk :

mamitaka, Rogue, hosoka, jiolahimboto

natrehin'ireo, mamitaka, hihodidinana, taratasy kely, afeno

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Definitions of bilk in English
Verb(1) cheat somebody out of what is due, especially money(2) hinder or prevent (the efforts, plans, or desires(3) evade payment to(4) escape, either physically or mentally
Examples of bilk in English
(1) But if thou art still a man, show thyself such, step forth, bilk the prigs, and return to thy confederate and dear friend.(2) some businesses bilk thousands of dollars from unsuspecting elderly consumers(3) Archie's convinced the body shop is going to bilk him.(4) If I were younger though, I'd do like many of the younger teachers here in Vegas do and moonlight in the casinos where you get paid more to bilk the adults of today than educate the leaders of tomorrow.(5) Some fake old woman was trying to bilk his innocent friend out of some money.(6) Who builds the offices in which lawyers can bilk their clients?(7) Shaking his head, Deuce ushered the boy and the woman into the closest inn he could find and trust-one he'd stayed in before and knew wouldn't bilk him of his money or send stable boys in the middle of the night to rifle through his purse.(8) I thought they were putting extra charges on the bill to bilk people who weren't paying attention - I expected them to be very accommodating about correcting the bill if I made an issue out of it.(9) Once there fraudsters attempt to bilk their victim for yet more cash.(10) I also remembered that summer he bilked me out of fifty cents with the assurance that he had developed invisible arm bands that would shoot out steely webs just like Spiderman.(11) The electricity sector cannot be efficient when it breaks down catastrophically and bilks its own customers.(12) Eagerly searching for work, Charlie unfortunately becomes the victim of a scam; he's bilked out of all his money, and his jobless situation has not changed.(13) Whether or not an herbalist can get a better deal from the apothecary than the average joe is entirely up to the GM, but the herbalist can weed out the snake oil salesmen and bilkers , finding the best remedies for the group at the lowest prices.(14) These men could be on the street right now, bilking old ladies out of their money.(15) One former customer service representative stated in 1999 that the company was ÔÇÿjust bilking customers out of their money.ÔÇÖ(16) The four of them turn the tables on Eddington and end up bilking him out of millions.
(1) bilingual secretary ::
fiteny roa mpitan-tsoratra
(2) bilingual dictionary ::
fiteny roa Anarana iombonana
1. cross ::
2. baffle ::
manahiran-tsaina ny
3. foil ::
4. queer ::
5. scotch ::
6. frustrate ::
7. spoil ::
8. thwart ::
Different Forms
bilk, bilked, bilker, bilkers, bilking, bilks
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